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TECHNICAL CAPABILITY High level metal mold technology and manufacturing engineering are realized without fail out of the MONOZUKURI (art of manufacturing) processes.

Introduction of technical capabilities of Ryoka Malaysia.

We offer high quality products through the use of high gloss molding, gas injection and jigs of our own development.

High gloss molding/Weldless molding

By employing “heat and cool method” where the metal mold temperature is rapidly raised before injection and the metal mold surface temperature is rapidly cooled down after injection and mold separation, products with superior external appearance with superior mold transfer characteristic can be made. We offer high gloss appearance products or products with hard-to-notice weld (commonly called “weldless molding”).


Gas assisted molding

This is a technique where nitrogen gas is injected into the molded wall during plastic injection. It helps to make products with less “warpage” or less “sink” resulting in highly stable products in external appearance and dimensions.


Insert molding

Insert structure is provided inside the metal mold which enables integrated molding with metal parts.
By using rotating shaft and metal screws, partial reinforcement of product is possible.


Painting/hot stamp


We finish the products with beautiful and stable external appearance by using auto painting robot for improved design characteristic, regardless of one type or two liquid types of paint.

Hot stamp

Foil of high design characteristic, such as metallic tone, wood grain or picture pattern, is transferred onto the product by pressurizing and heating by a special machine.

afterHot stamp

Group companies

Plastic for industrial use, Manufacturing and sales of material

Ryoka Sangyo Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding products

Ryoka Kogyo Co.,LTD.

Sales of air conditioner, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning facilities.

Ryoka Tech Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of various automation control devices.

Nichiden Kogyo Co.,LTD.