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For inquiries

We are manufacturing, selling and exporting plastic products.
We are also importing and selling products handled by our group companies in Japan.
Please visit the website of Ryoka Sangyo for the products imported and sold.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or fax for inquiries and price quotation for the products we manufacture and sell.

Inquiries by phone (09:00~17:00 on week days)


Inquiries by Fax


Group companies

Plastic for industrial use, Manufacturing and sales of material

Ryoka Sangyo Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding products

Ryoka Kogyo Co.,LTD.

Sales of air conditioner, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning facilities.

Ryoka Tech Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of various automation control devices.

Nichiden Kogyo Co.,LTD.