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RELIABILITY We will be involved from the early stage of planningand development to understand the essence of the customer’s needs, and generate products to the customer’s satisfaction.

Introduction of facilities

Our manufacturing processes are built-up based on highly reliable production facilities. We have a wide range of molding machines, from small to large, painting robot and printing machines to satisfy various requirements of the customers.

Major facilities

Forming machines,
injection molding
Mitsubishi/Toshiba 1,600t 3sets
Mitsubishi 1,450t 1set
Mitsubishi/Toshiba 1,300t 5sets
Mitsubishi 1,050t 3sets
850t 2sets
650t 3sets
Toshiba 350~450t 3sets
Mitsubishi/Sumitomo/Fanuc 240~300t 5sets
Mitsubishi/Sumitomo 150~190t 3sets
Mitsubishi/Toshiba/Sumitomo 30~100t 10sets
Air molding machine    
H&C forming machine Be possible to make
injection machine
more tdan 650t.
Machining facility for
metal mold repair
Milling, turning and
electrical discharge machine.
Painting Facility for highly glossy painting   2line
Painting robot Yaskawa Electric PX2050 4sets
Assembly Hot stamp machine, roll type   7sets
Hot stamp machine, up-down type   2sets
Silk screen printer   8sets
Pad printer   16sets
Crimping machine   17sets
Welding machine   11sets
Ultrasonic welder   3sets
Otders 3D measuring equipment   2sets
Projector   1set
Constant temperature batd   1set
Forklift 1.5t 2sets
Forklift 1.0t 7sets

As of sep. 2017

Group companies

Plastic for industrial use, Manufacturing and sales of material

Ryoka Sangyo Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding products

Ryoka Kogyo Co.,LTD.

Sales of air conditioner, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning facilities.

Ryoka Tech Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing and sales of various automation control devices.

Nichiden Kogyo Co.,LTD.